Patient Reviews



I have been seeing Dr. Wood for my dental care for over 20 years.

I have had extensive dental work done and have found the staff to be professional, extremely knowledgeable and kind. Dr. Wood explains the work that I need done and I know that I can trust his opinion. He gives me options and information so I can make an informed decision on a care plan. The dental hygienists are friendly and make my cleaning appointments a pleasure. This awesome group of people has always treated me like family and I know that they will be there if I have an issue that needs immediate attention.



I've been going to this dental office for many years.

The staff is kind and caring and always available when I need an appointment. I have three different types of dental insurance which is extremely complex and they work closely with each one to make sure I am getting the full benefits I'm eligible for. I think trust is important when you go to a dental office and I fully trust this great group of people! :)



Best darn time i ever had at a dentist.

The man is incrediable for helping stubborn old man see how important it is to take care of your teeth. the dental hygentis (schoolmarm) are great as well. also all the rest of his helpers beat any thing i have seen before. thanks Dr, Dan



I have been a patient since 2001, after some not so good experiences with my insurance "preferred" provider.

I was willing to pay out of pocket to have the best DDS in town. Dr Dan and his staff are professional, very attentive to our needs and have always done a superior job on both my husband and I. We have had fillings, cleanings, crowns, root canals, you name it.....I would recommend this office fact, I am a little nervous should he ever decide to retire! I want to trust my DDS and I absolutely do. He also doesn't push me to have work I am not ready to have....which I love.



The office has a very friendly atmosphere with competent employees.

I recently had an appointment at Dr. Wood's office; I have been a patient of his for more than 30 years. The office has a very friendly atmosphere with competent employees that have cared for our whole family. He and his staff listen to our concerns, make recommendations for oral health, and provide sound guidance.

There was an incident about a year ago that required him and his front office staff to provide numerous contacts with my insurance company regarding a claim. How often is it that a dentist makes a call to a patient's home to explain process and what he can do to help? It was ultimately resolved successfully. Dr. Wood was recommended to me when I first moved to Menomonie in 1980 & I have since recommended Dr. Wood & his staff to many folks over the years without hesitation