Crowns, Bridges & Onlays


Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding has completely replaced the antiquated silver-mercury filling placed that are still placed in many offices. Bonded restorations strengthen the teeth as opposed to mercury fillings, that effectively sit the teeth “like a wedge in a log.” In the front teeth bonding can close gaps and repair decay or stains with a perfect blend of shape and color.

Ceramic onlays and inlays

Looking for a strong, natural looking replacement for large leaking old silver-mercury fillings or area of decay? Ceramic onlays are both strong and great looking. Ceramic onlays and inlays conservatively restore large broken mercury fillings or cracked teeth. By bonding these restorations adhesively to your tooth, it can be restored back to its original strength. The onlays and inlays feel like your own teeth and visually disappear in your mouth.

Natural looking Crowns and bridges

crown before afterHave you ever seen or had a restoration that looked artificial? Perhaps it had gray borders around the gumline or lacked that life-like look. Crown materials have advanced tremendously within recent years and we now use all ceramic crowns. With ceramic crowns no metal is used, preventing the appearance of a gray line at the gum. The crowns are adhesively bonded to your tooth for increased strength and durability. Our bridges replace missing teeth and are natural and life-like in their appearance. No one can tell you had work done.